About Us - Kigurumi

 We are a group of young people who love the animal onesies and we have our own factory. All animal pajamas are divided into two materials: polar fleece and flannel. They are all warm and comfortable. We have over 200+ animal pajamas, no matter what you need, we will have. We've been selling pajamas on the Amazon platform for the past five years. In 2016 we started the website. Let more customers have their own animal pajamas.

Show off your wild side!

If you’re looking for an incredibly funny way to be the focus of the party, there is no better choice than an Animal Onesie! Each full length bodysuit is unique and full of character, you will surely to be a hit everywhere you wear it. These onesies aren’t just for costume parties! Snuggle up in your favorite onesie on a cold night, or take it skiing, for a fun way to hit the slopes. Music festivals are a great place for onesies, allowing you to dress up with comfort, and you really can’t go wrong rocking a onesie during a night out on the town. Throw it on whenever the mood strikes - don’t be afraid to show off your wild side!

Comfort and fun, in one amazing package!

Dressing up doesn’t mean you have to be uncomfortable, and the Onesieshow Animal Onesie proves it! Crafted from an ultra-luxe polyester, these onesies are unbelievably soft, surrounding you in ultimate comfort no matter where you wear it. The loose fit design won’t restrict your movement, leaving you free to jump, dance, and play all the day, while added pockets keep phones, wallets, or keys nearby when you need them.

Intricate details on the hood and throughout the body let you fully embody any creature you choose, so go for it! Be a magical unicorn, ferocious dinosaur, or spooky skeleton - the only limit is your imagination!

If your adventures cause your onesie to get a bit dirty, don't be afraid! These onesies are easy to clean, allowing you to wash and wear them again and again, keeping them fresh every time. For the best results, please hand wash, lay flat to dry, and iron on low heat if needed.